North American Repower believes strongly in utilizing best in class providers of technology and workmanship to create our products. All engine providers are ISO certified and are recognized as the leading experts in remanufacturing of each family of heavy duty engine we convert. All Natural Gas component providers are also recognized for providing true heavy duty performance capable parts, these are not low cost automotive parts being pushed into heavy duty service. Our systems are designed specifically for the heavy duty market, and components are chosen based upon known performance and quality, not price.



tech3NAR’s conversions are NOT a bolt on “one size fits no one” universal kit. Each system is unique to the engine type and application and involves a complete redesign of the combustion chamber and fuel and air delivery process to optimize the engine for operation on Natural Gas. Each design is extensively tested in research dynamometer test cells, and are subjected to operating conditions far worse than could be expected in real life. The engines are then placed into vehicles for real world testing under multiple different environmental and duty cycle conditions to ensure reliability and ease of use. No design is released for production until all the testing is done to NAR’s and our remanufacturing partner’s satisfaction.

NAR utilizes a lean burn strategy to optimize vehicle range, fuel cost savings and engine life, without sacrificing performance. Lean burn also allows for the lowest possible CO2 production per mile. Combined with carbon savings from extending the life of existing heavy duty vehicles rather than purchasing new vehicles and engines, an NAR equipped vehicle is the lowest carbon fleet solution available today.