North American Repower is a privately held cleantech corporation that specializes in natural gas engine conversion and consulting.  We design our own products, manufacture them, and distribute for the natural gas engine market.  Every effort is made to obtain our supplies and materials from US sources near our base in Southern California. Our goal is to minimize our company’s carbon footprint and to support American workers and their families.

Our company uses a customer-centric approach in which we create products in response to our customer’s needs rather than selling customers on a product line. To achieve this goal, we work very closely with our customers to provide a complete solution and create an ongoing relationship of extended customer service and responsiveness to needs. North American Repower is large enough to take on any size project, yet small enough to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

North American Repower is managed by a select group of forward thinking investors concerned about the future. As a group we believe that efficient and intelligent use of our existing resources is the most immediate effective path to preserving the environment and revitalizing our economy. Intelligent efficient design describes both our products and our management style.